C3’s hosted IT services are designed around security and are compliant with a wide range of regulatory frameworks. We work with our clients to ensure they can comply with whichever standards they are bound by, from HIPAA for healthcare providers to GLBA for financial institutions. C3 makes compliance as easy as the flick of a switch, combining the security features listed on this page to create security templates designed for each major compliance standard. Clients who are not required to be in compliance with specific standards are assured of the highest level of information security and may add additional security features based on their companies’ needs.



Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices have dramatically changed the way that everyone works. Mobile device management (MDM) enables businesses to minimize the additional risks, exposures, and disruptions that come along with workers connecting from their own devices. Mobile device management allows a company to protect its data by controlling access from employees’ phones, tablets, and laptops, whether they are company- or employee-owned.



Log Retention and Management

C3 offers log collection, management, and analysis for all log types including Windows event logs, database logs, application logs, and syslogs. Logs are validated, which ensures integrity and is necessary for regulatory compliance. Logs are retained for as long as your compliance needs require.



Intrusion Detection and Prevention

C3’s intrusion detection system constantly monitors your network and system activities for any suspicious events or policy violations—an unauthorized user trying to log onto your network, for example, or employees attempting to access a security-protected folder. C3 is alerted in real time whenever a violation occurs and takes action immediately.




Antivirus is one of the most basic yet most vital components of any secure IT system. C3’s antivirus solution is an industry standard in virus protection and C3 manages the update process as new virus definitions are constantly added. We proactively monitor all systems under our management for any signs of virus or malware.



Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention protects your company’s data from improper use by preventing unapproved transfer of data. In addition to protecting your data from the attempts of unauthorized users to access it, data loss prevention also ensures that employees don’t copy company data to other devices like their personal computers, or onto media like CDs. You can be alerted in real time if an employee is, for example, copying a customer database to an unauthorized location, and you can take action on the spot.



Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

Vulnerability scanning identifies weaknesses on your network—possible points of access which can be exploited by intruders. Most regulations require regular vulnerability scanning to remain in compliance. Scans also ensure you’re a step ahead of intruders. Hackers are constantly scanning for open ports or other points of entry into a network, so it’s vital to proactively find and patch any weak points.



Web Filter

The web filter is designed to ensure your workplace remains focused and productive, while constantly scanning to block viruses and malware that can compromise the security of your network. The web filter is fully customizable, allowing different settings per user—meaning, for example, you can block social media sites for everybody except the marketing department, which is likely to be using those sites for business purposes and not personal use . Reporting allows you to understand how your employees are using the Internet and is a resource to help you decide whether any usage limitations are necessary.



Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM)

Security even and incident management (SEIM) combines the above security features and gathers, analyzes, and presents information from these systems. It unifies event, threat, and risk data to provide visibility over activity on all systems.


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