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“C3 Solutions has been our technology partner for over five years. They have been successful in driving down our problems and increasing productivity. Beyond supporting our IT, they have been consultative in assisting our organization with technology decisions which impact our business.”  - Vice President of Operations, International Logistics Provider

“Since working with C3 Solutions, we have saved money because they understand our needs and develop solutions that work for us. For instance, C3 designed and implemented our hosted desktops. Our employees move around between our four locations, and they can now log onto the same desktop from anywhere. C3’s support and response to our issues has been terrific.” - Owner, Foot and Ankle Specialists with Multiple Office Locations

“We called C3 Solutions to take them up on their recent ‘2 free hours of support’ offer to address some IT issues. We are pleased to say they were very helpful and professional, and knowledgeable about our industry. We had a much clearer picture of our IT situation after we spent just 2 hours with C3, and we are now working with them on an ongoing basis to keep our network—and our business—running smoothly.” - Owner, Full-Service Logistics Provider

Customer Stories



The Company

Lynco Flange and Fittings is a fast-paced company serving the industrial market.  They were known for fast turnaround—responding to requests for quotes immediately, and getting customers’ orders out the door the same day.  Their information systems played a vital part in the success of their business: for such a fast response time, Lynco’s employees needed to have constant, reliable access to their inventory, quoting, and ordering system.  This ERP program was hosted on one of Lynco’s two aging in-house servers.

Preparing for the Worst: When a Critical Server Crashes

One day, the program simply stopped responding and employees were unable to work.  Lynco immediately called C3 Solutions, their IT services provider.  In under 5 minutes of troubleshooting, C3 confirmed the worst—one of Lynco’s in-house servers had crashed, leaving them unable to access any of their inventory data.

Luckily when Lynco chose C3 Solutions as their IT provider, they prepared a formal disaster and recovery plan detailing the recovery procedure for just this scenario. Because the server was a critical component to performance, C3 knew traditional data backup via tape or Carbonite would not be enough; so they set up Lynco with a full image backup that took a snapshot every hour of not only all of the data on the server, but everything down to the file structure and programs.

Because of the image backup solution and disaster recovery plan, Lynco was up and running again within 15 minutes of the server crash.  The latest backup image snapshot was restored onto a spare computer at Lynco’s office that had been set aside for that purpose.  This computer was simply an old workstation (not even a server) that C3 had prepared to run as an emergency server if it was ever needed.  Loading the latest backup onto the spare computer took only minutes, and because it retained all the settings of the crashed server, employees were able to work with no additional changes to their workstations.

After the initial race to get Lynco back at fully-functioning capacity, C3 was able to trace the initial server crash to a failed hard drive.  C3 replaced the hard drive in the problem server and it was ready to be put back online by the end of the day.  C3 restored the latest backup image from the temporary computer server, meaning none of the changes the employees made over the course of the day were lost.

Without the recovery plan and  image backup solution in place, Lynco realized that  it would have cost them at least two days of total downtime while re-installing the server operating system, the ERP system, and placing all of the backed up data files in the correct location – a crippling loss to productivity. But thanks to C3’s proactive backup solution, their employees only experienced a 15 minute blip in downtime before being able to carry on as if nothing had ever happened.




DuPure International is a fast-growing water filtration company.  They demonstrate, sell, install, and service home water filtration systems.  As DuPure grew quickly—adding employees at their corporate headquarters as well as opening new offices in several other cities—they realized their current IT infrastructure wasn’t going to be able to keep up.  In addition to adding more servers to handle the additional load, adding employees and offices would mean buying new computers for all those employees (at an average cost of $900 for the hardware and software each employee would need).

Partnering with C3 Solutions to Bring DuPure to the Cloud

DuPure decided instead of continuing to buy new PCs for all new hires and adding more servers as needed, they would make the shift to an IT-as-a-service model.  Instead of capital expenses on new IT equipment, DuPure’s servers and data would be hosted at the service provider’s data center, and everything would be wrapped into a monthly fee per user.  DuPure chose to partner with C3 Solutions to because C3 was the most responsive and informative.  C3 made the transition seamless by fully handling all the “technical” aspects—moving DuPure’s data to the cloud, ensuring that shared folders were available to everybody who needed them, and making sure everybody’s Outlook mailbox contained their full email history.

Hosted Desktops for Cost Savings, Scalability, and Productivity

Now, whenever DuPure adds a new employee, instead of spending $900 upfront on new hardware and software, they spend $200 for a “thin client”, a terminal that allows the user to connect to his hosted desktop.  In many cases, DuPure chose to allow new employees to use their own personal laptops to access their remote work desktop, meaning there was no capital IT expense to add that employee.  DuPure’s sales team was particularly excited about the prospect of using their own laptops or even iPads to connect, because they were often running around town from appointment to appointment, and this allowed them the flexibility to access their data from anywhere.  Because C3’s solution included a security block to ensure that sensitive company data—customers’ phone numbers, addresses, and payment information—could not be copied from the virtual desktop to the personal computers, DuPure was comfortable with this bring-your-own-device policy.  Another bonus: hosted desktops meant that constant software updates – everyone always had the latest version of Microsoft Office and the days of compatibility problems were over.

No More IT Hassles for Hiring New Employees

C3 took the hassle out of scaling IT resources when DuPure would hire new employees.  DuPure would simply tell C3 the employee’s name and position, and C3 would set up their hosted desktop in a matter of minutes.  Now, no matter how many new offices and employees they add, their IT-as-a-service solution easily scales to meet their needs, leaving DuPure free to focus their time and money on growing their business.