C3’s partner program is ideal for any IT provider, IT or software consultant, or business management service that wants to expand its portfolio of services. We work with our partners to determine the best solution for their clients, whether this is a dedicated, hosted application server or hosted desktops. Our partners can choose to offer support for the chosen solution themselves, or outsource all support to C3 while still retaining commission on services sold.

C3 offers two partner models: Partner unbranded and partner branded.

  • Unbranded: C3 executes and supports the services, doing business as C3.
  • Branded: C3 supports services behind the scenes, using the partner company’s name. This is ideal for situations where partners expect end-users to call C3 directly for support and want it to appear as though support is being provided through the partner company, or for situations where the partner will provide support for the services itself.

Our solutions are flexible enough to work with virtually any scenario. Here are a few of the ways our partners are expanding their service offering by working with C3:

HIPAA Compliant Hosting and End User Support

A business management firm’s core expertise is helping medical offices improve efficiency and meet medical regulation requirements in day-to-day operations, administration, accounting, and human resources. In addition to these core services, the management firm wanted to offer an IT solution. They chose C3’s hosted desktop service because it was a great fit for medical offices; C3’s hosted services are HIPAA compliant and are easily scalable as medical offices add staff.

Because the management firm’s core expertise is not IT, they chose to outsource end user support to C3 in the partner branded model. When their end users call for support, C3 answers the phone as the partner company. The management firm gains additional revenue from monthly commission on hosted desktop services without having to do additional work or hire IT staff.

Easy Software Hosting

A software consultant installs, maintains, and supports a specific software package for his clients. He wanted to offer a hosted version of this application because this would increase reliability for his clients, while streamlining maintenance and giving the consultant an additional stream of revenue. He knew that hosting the application would involve finding the right data center, building the physical environment, setting up virtual servers, ensuring that bandwidth was adequate, finding a backup solution—the list goes on and on.

Building this solution from the ground up would take months. Instead, the software consultant partnered with C3. C3 provided the dedicated hosted servers at a low fixed monthly rate, which included an assurance of security and hourly backups. The software consultant had full administrative rights to the servers to install and manage his application, and had C3’s support for any issues. He was able to have a profitable hosted application offering ready for his clients within weeks.

To request more information about becoming a partner, give us a call at 713-533-8066. Let’s see what we can do to impact your bottom line!