C3 Solutions wraps a security layer around its hosted cloud solutions. This means that even if your industry is not bound by specific compliance requirements like HIPAA or PCI DSS, you get the peace of mind that your company’s most important asset—your data—is protected.

C3 offers hosted cloud solutions to meet any company’s needs. Our hosted solutions are priced per-user at a fixed monthly rate, meaning no more capital expenditures on expensive IT equipment like servers. C3 removes the headache of owning and maintaining your own hardware and the costly purchase of software applications.

Lower your IT expenses by leveraging our infrastructure and operations, including a state-of-the-art data center, certified engineers, a 24/7 help desk, and much more!



Hosted Desktop

With C3’s secure hosted desktops, C3 will manage the servers, infrastructure, applications, security and backup, providing a stable environment for your entire IT operation. You and your employees will be able to log onto your hosted desktop from any device—desktop and laptop computers, tablets, even your smartphone! C3’s pay-as-you-go model means that you can add users easily and at a fraction of the cost. Because licensing for Windows and Microsoft Office is already included in the per-user monthly price per hosted desktop, the capital expense on Microsoft licensing is eliminated.

C3 streamlines your IT department by becoming your single point of contact for all IT requests and support, fully managing the servers, security, connectivity, and everything else that goes into delivering your company’s hosted desktops. C3’s support team is available 24/7 to handle any support requests.



Hosted Application

C3 can also deliver hosted applications directly to your local desktop.  This alternative to a full hosted desktop is a great fit for companies where most employees use only one or two applications, with no need for other software or shared files (one example is medical offices, where a large portion of employees use only the medical records system).  Hosted applications are also a smart choice for any company that needs 100% reliability and uptime of their line-of-business application, and want the security of hosting the application on a dedicated server.



Hosted Exchange

Hosting your email offsite with C3’s Hosted Exchange means you’re never without access to email.  C3’s multiple redundant Exchange servers ensure email is always available via Outlook, mobile devices, and the Outlook Web Access website.  Hosted Exchange gives your company more reliable email at a lower cost than maintaining your own on-premises Exchange server—you instead pay a predictable per-mailbox rate per month which includes unlimited support.  C3’s hosted Exchange also relieves you of the burden of managing Exchange in-house.  C3, unlike most hosted Exchange providers, will fully manage the process of moving everything—your existing mailboxes, contacts, calendars, distribution group settings, etc.—to the new system.



Backup and Disaster Recovery

Did you know that among small to medium businesses that perform some kind of data backup, only 25 percent are ALWAYS able to recover lost data? C3 eliminates the risk of data loss by taking hourly snapshots of every server and hosted desktop under our management. Backups are included in the cost of our hosted IT services. Because C3 uses full image backups, the recovery process takes only minutes—whether C3 is asked to recover a file that was accidentally deleted, or restore a server to a previous state, recovery is fast.

Because using C3’s hosted cloud IT services means that your servers are housed in a secure data center with replication offsite, the risk of physical damage to your servers is eliminated. C3’s backups are often called into service when a company wants to “roll back” to a previous time, for example if a software upgrade is not performing as expected. C3’s backup solution is designed, proven, and constantly tested to ensure your data is quickly and fully recoverable.




C3’s hosted IT services include antivirus. C3’s antivirus solution is an industry standard in virus protection and C3 manages the update process as new virus definitions are constantly added. We take antivirus seriously because viruses are a major cause of downtime. We proactively monitor all systems under our management for any signs of virus or malware.



24/7 System Monitoring

In addition to constant monitoring of C3’s data center infrastructure, C3 monitors hosted server and desktop health for any irregularities. Beyond this, C3 also monitors anything that would affect connectivity to your hosted desktop—for example, your office’s Internet connection. With your input, C3 determines your business-critical applications and can set up a series of monitors for things like database services that need to be running for your CRM to work. C3’s engineers have 24/7 real-time visibility over all monitors, and take immediate action whenever there is a problem.



Anti-Spam and Email Continuity

C3’s hosted IT services include an advanced email protection suite to give you complete email security and access. C3’s fully-managed spam filter blocks inbound threats before they can affect your network, employees, or business operations. Every email message and attachment is scanned for viruses and malware before the email enters your corporate network. Spam filter settings are customizable to be more or less stringent based on your requirements, and all spam is held in quarantine for further review if desired.

Email is accessible from Outlook on the hosted desktop, from any smartphone or tablet, or from C3’s Outlook Web Access site, so you will have no trouble logging on even if you’re not around a computer. On the technical side, C3 has multiple fail-safes in place to prevent any interruption to your email flow.



Web Filter

C3 offers a web filter as an option on our hosted IT services. The web filter is designed to ensure that your workplace remains focused and productive, while reserving network bandwidth for business use. You can choose to block employees from using specific websites or categories of sites. The web filter is fully customizable, allowing different settings per user—meaning, for example, you can block social media sites for everybody except the marketing department, who has a legitimate business use for those sites. Reporting allows you to understand how your employees are using the Internet, and is a resource to help you decide whether any usage limitations are necessary.



Monthly Report Reviews

C3 provides monthly reports that give you concrete details about the services you’re receiving. The proactive analysis portion of the report includes hosted server and hosted desktop health summaries. And, the reactive work details section includes details on open, pending, and closed technical support cases. C3’s clients like to have this statistical data for their records, so they know exactly what they’re getting with their IT expense. C3 also reviews these reports internally as part of our process for preventing recurring issues.


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